Published on 07/26/2018 8:58 am
Have a Wedding Planned in South Jersey?

Your wedding will be an event you'll remember forever, so therefore don’t cut corners.

If you are having your wedding ceremony and reception at separate locations, using a limo to get from the ceremony to the reception is a great way to make a grand entrance. Imagine how memorable your appearance will be, pulling up to the wedding venue in a luxurious limo, stepping out to be greeted by your friends and family. It is a special moment that you will never forget.

The sendoff after your wedding is the last chance for all of your friends and family to wave goodbye and send you off on your new journey as husband and wife. A limo is a perfect ending to the evening’s festivities. Whether your friends and family are lighting sparklers, tossing confetti, throwing the traditional rice, or even just applauding you, you’ll want those final moments of your wedding day to be special ones.

Enjoy leather seating, extra space for your gown, room for your wedding party, quality music, and beverages.

Driving yourself on your wedding day might not be the best idea as the excitement might give you less ability to concentrate on the road. Relax and Enjoy! Let your chauffeur deliver you to your destination in style! Requests can be made to stop at the beach, the Atlantic City casinos, or the place you met!

If you want to make your wedding more memorable, give one of our wedding consultants a call at Avalon Limousine in south Jersey!

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